Test Automation Assistant

Test Automation Assistant

We are continuously searching for Test Automation Assitants to support and enable different quality assurance and quality management challenges. The candidates should bring know-how from multiple aspects of the following fields. Please note that we don’t required the whole amount of listed skills but also offer the possibility to learn about different technologies in the course of the employment.

  • Unit Testing, Module Testing, Conformance Testing, Interoperability Testing
  • Junit, Nuni, X-Unit testing
  • Behavioral driven Design/Testing - e.g. Cucumber
  • Keyword driven Testing
  • Java, Python, Perl, Kotlin
  • Test Architecture
  • Analysis of standards and requirements towards the systematic definition of testcases
  • Documentation of the test results
  • Basic knowledge in relevant IT areas – Internet of Things, Computer Networks, web portals/sites, embedded systems
  • Virtualization – Hypervisors (e.g. Virtual Box, XEN, Qemu,Vmware products ..) and container technology (I.e. Docker, Kubernetes, Vert.x)
  • Usage of project management and collaboration tools (e.g. Jira, Taiga, Git Issues, HP QC, OpenProject, Asana, Slack ...)
  • Code versioning systems: Git, SVN
  • Linux and Unix type of operating systems



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